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Adoption Competant Life Coach 

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Maria is an MSW  and Life Coach who works with clients who are experiencing issues around adoption.  She is an adoptee herself and has done extensive work studying the adoption triad, adoptees, adoptive family, and birth family.   Even if your birth parents are wonderful people who have parented you with unconditional love, structure, and healthy boundaries, you most likely will still experience some issues from your adoption.  Issues that may present are depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, attachment issues, relationship issues, self-harm or disordered eating.  Maria will work individually with the client and if requested by the client, the adopted/birth parents and/or siblings.  

Studying at Home

About Me

I am an adoptee who has spent three decades running my own business.   I was successful, but not happy.  Through years of self-reflection, therapy, and education, I've learned a lot of tricks that adoptees use to get in their own way. I can help you uncover your true desires and create a road map on how to get there.  And best of all, I know how our experience can differ from non-adoptees and can empathize because I have been there.  I know the lies we tell ourselves.  I know how we can get in our own way.  I understand feeling like an imposter in your own life.     I've been there.  I have experienced these feelings because we are in a special club, the "chosen" ones.



Whether in your professional or personal life, everyone has something to work on. Maria will help unlock your potential and set you on your way toward success. .


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